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Liza and plate


Liza Campbell was born in the north of Scotland.

She studied art at Chelsea, worked in CCA art gallery, became a freelance journalist and was generally disturbed and alienated on a private level.

Temperatures in the northern clime being what they were, she defaulted while on holiday in Kenya and stayed there, living on an isolated island off the coast for 3½ years. It was here that she came across soapstone engraving and started studying this traditional African craft. Having lived under a tree for most of her time in Kenya, the advent of a baby daughter heralded first a hut and ultimately a departure from Africa.

After a brief spell in Norfolk, she then moved to another isolated tropical island, this time in Indonesia. But in 1993 she returned to London where she started engraving soapstone plates full-time. Her recent shows at the Sladmore Gallery and the Michael Naimski galleries were both sell-outs.

Why soapstone? Plates